sheila hicks

Textile Center 3D Embroidery class

embroidery on painted canvas


liz payne (hand-painted fabric/embroidery)

This wasn't labelled, but it looks like Tara Badcock's work., textile art, bird art, painting with thread, sewing

Sheila Hicks | 'Nuraxi'

Obras 2015 - Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia

Pink Druzi Wool Blanket

Junko Oki | 'rainy today'

Textiles artist Amanda McCavour creates air suspended installations using repeated stitching and free embroidery on dissolvable fabric.

Sheila Hicks, Loosely Speaking, 1988. Linen, 10 x 6 inches.

[mishearing] junko oki

sheila hicks

Matthew Harris

Roanna Wells

Amazing embroidery. Like that little bee!

Sheila Hicks

3D Textiles - Slashing & Layering - experimental textile techniques for creative fabric manipulation; raised fabric textures & surface pattern

Hillary Fayle