To remind me that this is my life, and my story. When I look at this, I remember that I am strong, and that I, not those around me, am responsible for my own happiness. And by that same token, no one can bring me down. I’ve got this; I don’t need to be saved. Thanks to James at Tar Heel Tattoo for this amazing work.

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quote tattoo

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Tattoo / "Heart Mind Courage Fear" on Arm / #tattoo #heart #mind #courage #fear #text #message #typography #arm #forearm #grey #black

Love the placement

So cute!

Family, Where life begins & love never ends.

Birds wrist tattoo

i'm the hero of this story- i don't need to be saved... this should be a possible tattoo for my next appointment

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blackbird <3

You are enough. Always. #selflove #healing

Done by tattoo artist Lindsay at Addicted To Ink tattoo and piercing in New York. The quote is from the song “Hero” by Regina Spektor.