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..."It's moo." - got to love Joey

"You know - a moo point. A cow's opinion?" One of my favorite and most often quoted Friends lines.


Phoebe: Ah. So we meet again. Monica: So we do Supergirl. Phoebe: No, it's me. Friends TV show quotes

JOEY – Rach, the big question is, does he like you? Cause if he doesn't like you, this is all a moo point.   RACH – A moo point?   JOEY – You know, like a cow’s opinion. It doesn’t matter. It’s moo.   RACH – Have i been living with him too long or did that all just make sense?

A Hilarious selection of the best and funniest Friends TV Show Quotes and Sayings. Life and Love Quotes with pictures from the tv Show 'Friends'.

I'm "sorry", but Joey's "the best"

Lmao this episode was funny One of my most often quoted lines from friends! Come to think of it, I quote Joey lines a lot "It's a moo point"

Poor Pheobe...but hilarious at the same time! I love FRIENDS :)

Joey: And you know the deal on Santa Claus, right? Phoebe: You mean. Joey: That he doesn't exist. Phoebe: Right. Friends TV show quotes Read More Funny


Too true! Friends the best tv comedy my hubby and i laugh every time we watch the same episodes we have seen so many times before.