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  • Ruth S.

    Vocabulary Detective Cards 2 are now available! Run weekly vocabulary contests in your class with this second free set of cards. Complete instructions are included! Fun and free!

  • Alison Ambrose

    nice idea. maybe make it a game or let students earn rewards when they submit a card...

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Kids fill out these noun, verb and adjective Vocabulary Detective cards as they're reading books. They slip them in the Detective Jar and can't wait for the weekly drawing for winners!

Free Halloween Vocabulary Chart with non-scary images. You could cut apart the chart to make matching or concentration games or 3-part cards.

This seems like a really cool idea because it does more than simply get the child to memorize the definition. He/she has to make connections and really dissect the word so it definitely gets the reader to think.

Make predictions! Be a word detective! Children can always be a detective in their own reading and look for clues to the topic. If students use what they already know in the story they can predict what might happen next! Students can even write their own version of a story that goes with their predictions!

Another Vocabulary Detectives Task Card Contest!!! #5. Run weekly contests using these figurative language coupons.( similes, metaphors, personification). As your students read books in class they look for examples, and fill out their coupons, then put them in the Detective Jar for the weekly drawing! Instructions included. priced item

Vocabulary Detectives are back! This is my fourth set of cards to encourage vocabulary and parts of speech awareness. Run weekly contests. Cards go in the Detective Jar! The first three FREE packet websites are listed in this packet. Priced item.

An interactive PowerPoint games that focuses on listening skills and vocabulary development. This game targets 2nd-3rd grade level vocabulary. Students have to identify words when the definition is presented. Divide your class into teams and make this activity into an engaging class game.

Cause and effect is one of those skills that some students just get and some need TONS of extra practice to really understand.

FREE At School Vocabulary Cards - PDF file9 page resource, designed by Clever Classroom.Vocabulary building cards about school.Bold pictures...

Vocabulary Detective Cards 3!! FREE! Another vocabulary detective contest! Run weekly contests using these noun,verb and adjective cards. Kids can't wait to put their cards in the Detective Jar!

These vocabulary coupons motivate students to learn new vocabulary words from novels they read. They list the words on the coupons, then cut them o...

Start off the year with Vocabulary Detective Contests! Fun weekly activity that even motivates kids who say they don't like to read! priced item