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  • Lizzy Sellers

    "After a break up, maybe one gets hurt more than the other, because during the relationship one falls in love more each day while the other falls out of love." #Relationships #Love This was like me but now he is long gone i have a boyfriend and im living a pretty good life but i heard from my friend that he is doing really bad

  • Wylee Washington

    You don't fall out of love with anyone.. Real love is not something you can fall out of! Real love doesn't change with the wind! Real love doesn't give up! Real love fights for the other no matter what has happened. If you would give up your life just to see that someone else has life that is True Love!!

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Long Quote. Best relationship/break up quote ever. I'm saving this for my beautiful Gracie who believes in love with all her heart. I will hate to see her hurt!

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