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“America First” and Global Conflict Next. Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States does not just represent a mounting populist backlash against globalization. It may also portend the end of Pax Americana – the international order of free exchange and shared security that the US and its allies built after World War II. A US turn to isolationism and the pursuit of strictly US national interests may eventually lead to a global conflict. Jan 2 2016 #DumpTrump

Viewers Shocked By What Else Viral Photo Of ‘Hopeless’ Trump Hotel Caught

On the same day Michelle Obama decided to call America “hopeless,” a photo was taken of Donald Trump’s Hotel in Nevada that immediately went viral. As it turns out, there’s something in the background that some just can’t ignore – and it’s left a great many people rather shocked.

Trump Painting: What If Donald J. Trump is God's chosen one to be our next Commander in Chief to lead us out from under the evil Globalist NWO and Obama regime? Will we as a nation turn from our wicked ways and return to God? David Wilkerson's prophecy tells us America will be judged for rejecting God; but another prophecy from a firefighter says God has anointed The Donald to Make America Great Again. Read more...

"Trust me Donald, if the election could be rigged, the GOP sure as hell wouldn't have you as their nominee right now." Allen Clifon