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  • Tashina Fielding Spiher

    Sappy, but very true & so beautiful. Thankfully, I don't have stretchmarks like this but if I did... I wouldn't trade a moment of pregnancy and my beautiful baby boy!

  • Kelsey Nelson

    So far no stretch marks (knock on wood) But if I end up with some... I will remember this quote. So beautiful!

  • Abbie Snakenberg

    stretch marks. This changed the whole way that I think about my post baby body. My stretch marks are totally worth it!

  • Diykreativity

    What a beautiful poem, mine arent this bad but it still touches the heart. My babies were so worth every stretch mark!!

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Because now I remember who "me" was, is, and will be.

My husband told me one night... and I know it's corny & a movie line... That I made him want to be a better man. It was THE moment I knew we would never be apart again. (Long love story, over many years.) Those of you who know us... You know what I'm talking about! - my mom

This is a TRUE love story. Aw... Look at the adorable, chubby Asian baby. Look at him... He's so cute...

I may not have any but if I did then this is how I'd feel.

Hate when I want to have a heated conversation & really need to get out what I am saying & I start to cry...

Don't forget to pick up a bottle or wine for your Mom for Mother's Day. Afterall, you are one of the reasons she drinks.

Why are the women who make the worst mothers also the ones who are the most fertile?

I am soooo OCD about how my groceries are bagged! I put them on the belt just the way I want them bagged...its an illness. LOL

This is definitely a must read…*lies down,tries not to cry,cries...a lot* ...ya just cried. But read it!!

:'( awww! This isn't funny but I don't have a board for "Incredibly adorable story's"...I should

This is true love indeed. so, so sweet.

Almost made me cry. This is the love I want to find in my future spouse and how he loves our kids. I can't wait to meet him.