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Marbled Easter Eggs

dinosaur eggs/easter eggs

How to make duct tape boots for costumes. Because boots complete the look!!! Never know when I might need this. :)

Dyeing Pantyhose with Kool-Aid and Food Coloring, a Tutorial! Clever way to get any color pantyhose that you need for costuming or accessorizing.

DIY reusable glittered Red Solo Cup! Washable!! (by hand!) Click for my tutorial.

from Architecture Art Designs

22 Do It Yourself Easter Craft Ideas

A dica deste post pode ser excelente para estimular a função manual (força, coordenação e amplitude com o uso da tesoura) e atenção, concentração... e ...

How to dye eggs with shaving cream, Shaving Cream SWIRL eggs, Easter Eggs, #Easter, How to make swirled easter eggs