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On my bucket list I want to participate in a color run! This would be fun! I would do it with my best friend!

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finish a whole tube of chapstick! A fact : if you take acutane you use a tube of chapstick weekly.

Best.Time.EVER!! Great to do anytime, but even better when you have a lot of family around during the holidays... complete ridiculousness!!! I am still finding darts haha!

Nerf wars are soo much fun! My Brother doesn't let me touch his gun like that.

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Would be nice to actually be able to wear clothes that were in fashion again. Maybe if I get to my goal weight, I will.

So cool looking

Every time they've been visible in Ohio, I've been stuck in the city with a bunch of lights! Need to go to Alaska!

i wouldn't want anybody else to walk me down the aisle, except my daddy. <3

bucket list: have my father walk me down the aisle.my father and my son both did.

One day I'm going to - learn how to tie a knot in a cherry stem using my tongue. Check ;)

Learn how to tie a knot in a cherry stem using my tongue. though I may pull my tongue.

actually more then one would be great! at least 2 but no more than...well I don't have a cap on that...as many as God blesses us with!!

i can't wait to be a mommy and have a little baby girl or boy

I have been on one once, but I'd love to go on another one (and actually remember it!)

go on a disney cruise. The hubby went on one when he was a kid. I hope to take the kids someday!