YESS!!! :)

Lets see..marble floors, mirrored custom island, inset complete w/arched window, vanity center, custom drapery, back lit custom cabinetry, custom ceiling, cream chandelier, as if that wasn't enough....a Birkin!!!!!


Dream closet

HEAVEN! girl can dream, right? I'm drooling!!!!

Library hallway!

Bed in a closet! So the whole room is open! And it looks so cozy. Guest room?

Closet love

Now this is a master bedroom closet! Hyperventilating!!!!

Beautiful Closet , Dressing Room. Lovely Bench in the center of the closet!...

Walk-in Closet with Vanity I've designed tons of vanities in closets, the clients love them. I often place all the jewelry and accessory drawers there to make it easy to try on things with the mirror.

i want the shoe closet!

welcome to my own personal boutique

Look at all the space for shoes and bags <3

amazing design

window seat in the closet.