• Madi Mcandrews

    why are guys so much hotter with cute little animals???

  • Deann Dylema

    Ian Somerhalder and the orange cat!

  • Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County

    IAN SOMERHALDER Pets: Jama-Lynx, Dennis and Moke (cats) Fans of the "Vampire Diaries" star are fully aware of Ian Somerhalder's passion for animals. In 2012, he was awarded the prestigious Wyler Award, given by the Humane Society to celebrities and public figures who have made animal protection a priority in their lives. Outside of the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, the actor is a self-proclaimed "cat man." He shares his home with three adorable rescue cats.

  • Nicole Scaltro

    Ian Somerhalder, animal lover.

  • Chrissie Armenian

    hot guys and their pets pt 1.

  • Amanda Rose

    He is a cat lover. Awwwww

  • Marisa-rose Shor

    Ian Somerhalder.. Oh, did I mention he's an animal rights activist??

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