The power is only on for 3 hours in Kollegal, so when the water surged it was time to plant Tulsi! Seth rolled up his pants and jumped in to help these Fair Trade Certified Tulsi farmers.

Here the Kollegal farmers and Seth Goldman, President & TeaEO of Honest Tea, continue planting Tulsi seedling in soaked soil.

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Women perform 2/3 of the world's work hours yet receive only 1/10 of the world's income. Help empower women around the world every time you buy Fair Trade Certified products.

Did you know Fair Trade was made such a big difference around the world last year? With your help we can make an even bigger impact on farmers!

Seth Goldman, President and TeaEO experiencing first-hand all that is required to grow healthy, tasty Tulsi. The Fair Trade premiums that these Kollegal farmers receive ensures fair wages, safe working conditions and community development funds.

These delicious Fair Trade Certified cantaloupes & watermelons help provide clean water & medical care to farmers! (Available now at Whole Foods)

With every Fair Trade Certified banana you eat from Turbana, you're helping improve the living conditions for farmers in Colombia. Thanks for making Every Purchase Matter.

Seth Goldman, President & TeaEO of Honest Tea, meeting with Kollegal farmers and witnessing the harvest of Fair Trade Certified Tulsi tea.

This shopping cart full of Fair Trade Certified fruits & flowers helps improve the lives of farmers in Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Mexico. Whats in your cart?

Happy Earth Day! Repin this video to show your family & friends how they can make every day earth day and support sustainable agriculture around the world when they buy Fair Trade Certified.

This is Shashikala. She is part of the Phalada Tulsi Farmer group in India that grows Fair Trade Certified tea for Honest Tea. When you buy Honest Tea, you're helping improve the lives of her family and community.

The Phalada organization hosted a meeting in which local organic farmers encouraged non-organic farmers to go organic. Seth Goldman, President & TeaEO of Honest Tea, showed them the Honest Tea bottles that would eventually contain their organic, Fair Trade Certified tea.

As a medicinal plant, chamomile has been in constant use since the times of ancient Egypt.

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Honest Tea’s Fair Trade premiums have helped fund education, health care, small farmer and farm worker safety, and organic certification projects in farming communities across the globe.

Every time you buy Fair Trade you're doing something great & wonderful for farmers around the world.

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