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Few experience what you really are

Quotes and truths to inspire, encourage and make you smile by GreenEyedGypsy

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Community Post: 23 Honest Confessions From Introverts

Glad I'm not the only one:) Buzzfeed: 23 Honest Confessions From Introverts

Yes! This exactly what happens

Infj and stress, never read anything more accurate in my life. Especially the part about receiving advice won't help, need time alone to stretch or go on a solitary walk

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Memories.. Most valuable thing for a Taurus.

As auxiliary extroverted feelers (Fe), the INFJs sensitivity is often aligned with many identifying as Empaths; absorbing, retaining, and sometimes reflecting the feelings of those within perceivable vicinity. But as dominant introverted intuits (Ni), they’re inclined to employ their intuitive intelligence to decipher, account and discount where and when to invest their service in listening, loving, and lifting those legitimately in distress.