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Mmm I love my good morning texts every morning and my goodnight texts even when I've already fallen asleep. :)

SOOO true!! always do little things for her ... that's how you can show her that she matters to you :)

Marriage Bucket List: play fight together (my apologies for the twilight(-ish?) screencap; I like the concept, not the series). Via WinMyHeartT on Tumblr. ☐ #love #marriage #spouse #fun #fight

My Perfect Guy Would - Be My Best Friend & My Boyfriend❤ #Relationships #Goals #Love

We are all human, and we make mistakes. But that won't make me stop loving you. the boyfriend store

My Perfect Guy Would - Write Me a Cute Letter Just Because❤ #Relationships #Goals #Love

Marriage Bucket List: keep our promises to each other (if we can help it; Lord knows when life, work, or other things will happen). Via WinMyHeartT on Tumblr. ☐ #love #marriage #spouse #promise #commitment

The only boy who sings in the car with me is my brother and sometimes I really rather he NOT! hahaha but I love him anyway

Lol love this ever since i watched spiderman i thought this would be so cool

If you want a guy to respect you, respect yourself first, & give your man respect as well. Make me feel secure and love me for who I am & vice versa

find that one boy who doesn't care who's prettier than you.