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  • Miranda Grange

    TRex Radiator - Surely you would buy a house to fit around Dino.

  • Jamie Bird

    Thermosaurus radiator "Brave the next Ice Age with a survivor of the previous one"

  • Jeannie Perez

    What a way to heat your home Thermosaurus radiator. Very cute for a kid's room.

  • Angie Harwell

    Thermosaurus Radiator - Art Lebedev Studios outs one of its greatest ideas yet, a radiator that looks like the bones of the mighty (except for its arms) T. Rex. Alas it’s only a concept, but shut up and take our money already.

  • Debbie Pisaro

    Great for a really fun house or cabin or a young boy's room! Prehistoric Style T-Rex Thermosaurus Radiator

  • peterbucks

    #dinosaur #design #interior

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