Tree book shelves -- great for kids room. Enticement to read. I'd like to see it made with darker wood or painted a rich brown color and placed in a living room. Also, this is full like a summer tree, I'd keep it more like late autumn with fewer displays.

These 16 awesome playroom ideas will make you feel like a kid again.

Playroom Ideas Your Inner Child Will Love

These 16 awesome playroom ideas will make you feel like a kid again. From DIY and art ideas to how to convert a nursery or bedroom into a playroom, your kids will love their new space.

I love this super cute tree bookshelf for a kids bedroom (Abilin LLC on FB)

DIY Dollhouse Bookshelf - Decor Ideas for Girls Room - Click for Tutorial

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cute diy kids room idea...make letters from vintage children books...

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12 DIY Shelf Ideas for Kids’ Rooms: Wall-Mounted Crates

12 DIY Shelf Ideas for Kids’ Rooms

The cutest wall #mural for a #nursery or #kids rooms! Under the Sea Wall Mural

Under the Sea Wall Mural

Find the right Wallums wall mural for you at any specific size you need. Choose from our own images for your home or office or create your own unique wall mural from your picture.

Fantastyczna półka na książki

Fantastyczna półka na książki

Have you ever thought of decorating your room yourself? There are many DIY ideas how to make your room beautiful available on the net that can be used to renovate or change the room. Thousands of creative ways can be opted to decorate the room.


Charley Harper Artist Collection

Shop Next Chapter Bookcase (Walnut/White). We skipped ahead in our book about building the perfect bookcase to bring you our Next Chapter Bookcase.


For a kids room. I need to draw out a plan for an aeroplane shelf like this for our boys room!


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Repisas II

Love the idea of tree shelves but this seems MUCH simpler and more cost-effective. Wall Decals Baby Nursery Decor Shelving Tree Decal by SimpleShapes