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    pixar life lessons


    My heart melted just a bit

    Disney's Rafiki

    Disney always has the best advice


    Uh oh... Dangerous Pinterest find! Disney movie links!... :D ///// For those who didn't know, the other Disney links don't work. This does; I've been watching tangled

    Clever Disney.

    "You get in life what you have the courage to ask for." - Oprah Winfrey. Such a great quote!


    Disney inspirational quotes: 1. Pinocchio 2. The Lion King 3. the Jungle Book 4. Peter Pan 5. Mary Poppins 6. Toy Story 7. Cars 8. Winnie the Pooh 9. Alice in Wonderland 10. The Aristocats 11. Hercules 12. Pocahontas 13. Mulan 14. Walt Disney

    Disney and sisters

    Disney's Romantic Couples in order of movie appearance. Missing several though... like Maid Marion and Robin Hood. Bernard and Bianca. Felix and Calhoun. MICKEY AND MINNIE.

    Disney princess poster - cute for little girls' room


    dreams can come true if you have the courage... and 99 other motivational quotes

    This is the truth. Frozen - Disney

    At Disney World/Land, if you yell Andy's coming in front of Toy Story characters they will stop what they're doing and drop. This is awesome!- Bucket list!!!!

    How I Met Your Mother Life Lessons Poster Cool TV Props

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