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Don't be reckless with other people's hearts, and don't put up with people that are reckless with yours.

Broken Heart: “A broken heart isn’t really broken. It is bending and struggling to grow larger than its pain.” ~ Liz Rozenberg Your heart is having growing pains. You will have a larger heart from this experience.

but sometimes you must step back and realize it could hurt you in the end just bc you want "what the heart wants"

I want to make sure my daughter knows all of this and that when she has a broken heart, an angry thought, or a disappointed soul she can come to me about everything and feel comfortable about talking to me about it. Because all of the above are part of a happy life. And I will never stop loving her. Not for one millisecond of a moment.

"I think I'm dumb. Or maybe just happy...... I think I'm just happy......"

Those who say that the heart doesn't literally break when you have a broken heart, have clearly not been crushed by the force of rejection, the pain of dismissal and the sting of being thrown away.

i of this. of ALL of it. no more texting. no more flirting. my heart HURTS, hurts if i stay, will hurt when i go. please NO MORE....

Lol fits perfectly into my view of "how life is." Charlie Sheen is a great guy, who's just trolling you all, I promise. I idolize that man, for real.