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my life is a romantic comedy t shirt

My life is a romantic comedy t shirt

Seriously people, if someone isn't around to take a pic of you please don't subject the world to a picture of you in a bathroom mirror!

I want to say this to people all the time. maybe not the get friends part, but just the stop taking pictures of yourself in the bathroom mirror.

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"Complaining you haven't seen your boyfriend in a week? Here's a list of military girlfriends that give a shit."

Heard a girl complain that her boyfriend went home after a sleepover as she felt heartbroken and super lonely.


Why, thank you so much Mr/ms. Single,NEVER been Married a Day in my life, for Giving me all that great MARITAL advice.

No one asked you

No one asked you

Controlling the urge to punch you in the face has distracted me from your inane ramblings.

Controlling the urge to punch you in the face has distracted me from your inane ramblings.

I think the "people you may know" section on Facebook should be changed to "people I'm deliberately not friends with."  Like my ex girlfriends ex husband and his brother.

so true. or "people who I thought I was friends with but must have unfriended me"

This is always my first question when my kids have this complaint! Ha!

You're a mom .or a nurse. or most likely a nurse/mom. poop can always be worked into a discussion

I love it. Meddling people are THE WORST. It's one thing to tell me your business and I respond. It's another for you to go way out of your way to constantly be in my business. That drives me absolutely insane. Not as much as liars and gossipers but close.

Quick check your face, because I just found a nose in my business.to bad it's usually my nose.

Liar hole

I'm sorry that I'm having a hard time believing you due to your track record of being a lying liar that constantly lies out of your lying liar hole. Sad but true.and I guess not really funny?