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'Pin' if you knew that #bananas are one of the most popular fruits in the world! Imagine the lives we could change if all bananas were #FairTradeCertified. #ImprovingLives

Happy Earth Day! Re-Pin this to remind your friends that by choosing Fair Trade, you're helping protect the planet for generations to come!

Happy World Fair Trade Day! Thank you for choosing to improve lives & protect the environment with your purchases.

With Fair Trade, #women are empowered to be business leaders. Pin to show your support for Nakabonye, a strong woman of #FairTrade! #womensempowerment #coffee

Why do you choose #FairTrade? Leave a comment and let us know – we can't wait to hear your responses! #ImprovingLives #WomensEmpowerment #Environment #Sustainability #Education #PovertyAlleviation

What's the fuss about bananas? Well - massive environmental issues, child labor and workers' rights violations...just to name a few! Find out what you can do to change the banana trade - | repinned by |

Go behind the lens & learn why photojournalist James Rodríguez believes in the power of #FairTrade here: #photography #photojournalism #flowers #farmworkers

Quote on fair prices for goods. Consider what a different world we would have if more businesses kept this in mind.

Press 'like' to show your support for Esther Guarachi, then see how #FairTrade impacts #quinoa farming communities.