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    Fair Trade Certified With Fair Trade, children can stay in school and work towards a bright future. Spread by supporting #fairtrade and #novica

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    Education is a great tool for changing the world.

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    With #FairTrade, children can stay in school and work towards a bright future. #Education #NelsonMandela

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I am #thankfulfor my education. I feel blessed to have had all the opportunities I've had this far. #28DaysOfGratitude - Day 9

USEFUL EDUCATION : Children in New Zealand’s secondary schools spend more time than the OECD average learning mathematics, science, technology and physical education. They spend less time learning foreign languages, arts and religion than children in other countries.

October is Fair Trade Month! Learn more about Fair Trade and count yourself in here:

Reasons to buy fair trade via Infographic... We like this very comprehensive list!

"Fair Trade Sidebar Info". Relates to conscious consumerism because some people feel they are making a political statement by shopping fair trade. #bcintrotosoc

15 dollar minimum wage. When you pay local workers more, they spend more locally. When corporations don't pay the workers that profit is sent to the Cayman Islands to avoid taxes. We recently coauthored at report Los Angeles Rising: A City That Works for Everyone with the UCLA Labor Center and Institute for Research on Labor and Employment which looked at the consequences, both intended and unintended, of such a lift. We found that a phased-in increase to $15.25 by 2019 will put $5.9 billion more into the pockets of 723,000 working people, which will generate $6.4 billion in increased sales. That means that every dollar increase in the minimum wage generates $1.12 in economic stimulus. Businesses will hire more in response to the greater demand, creating 46,400 new jobs.

Your family can make a difference in the lives of families around the world when you choose #FairTrade.