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Behind every cup of #coffee is a person. Remember as you enjoy your cup tomorrow morning! #FairTrade

Behind every cup of #tea there is a person. Remember as you enjoy your favorite warm drink! #FairTrade

Remember: Behind every cup of #sugar, there is a person. Thank you for supporting them this #Thanksgiving! #empowerment #farmers

Behind every #chocolate bar there is a person. Remember as you buy your favorite sweet treats this #ValentinesDay! #FairTrade #cocoa

Remember: Behind every cup of #tea, there is a person. Will you treat them fairly? http://BeFair.org/ #FairTrade #BeFair

Remember: Behind every cup of #tea, there is a person. Will you treat them fairly? #FairTrade #womensempowerment #women

From the farm to your kitchen, do you know about the long journey your #banana takes? Share this to show your friends how much work it takes for us to enjoy our favorite yellow fruit! #FairTrade

Infographic. #fairtrade www.ampleearth.com

#FairTrade, children can stay in school and work towards a bright future.

The impact of a #fairtrade campaign.

Fairtrade- what does it mean and how does it work? Infographic

Welcome to the world #FairTrade Turmeric! Learn how @numitea led the charge to certify an incredible turmeric farm in Madagascar for their new line of teas: http://fairtrd.us/1sRHEAv #BeFair #tea

Did you know the #coffee rust fungus outbreak may cost coffee producers up to $500 million? See how #FairTrade co-ops are fighting the disease & how you can help: http://fairtrd.us/18edU4o

When it comes to a perfect coffee pairing, our favorite is a producer & roaster who benefit from #FairTrade! See how @1villagecoffe's long-term relationship with COMSA, a Honduran coffee #cooperative, has supported projects like beehives and farmers markets: http://fairtrd.us/1T581yy #SCAA2016

Press 'like' to show your support for Esther Guarachi, then see how #FairTrade impacts #quinoa farming communities.

Every one of your small #FairTrade purchases adds up to big change. #quote #inspirationalquote

We believe every child should have access to an #education! Do you agree? http://bit.ly/ZCn6Ma FairTrade #children

Click 'like' to show your support for asparagus farm workers using #FairTrade funds to build new #dental & #optometry centers! See how this project is improving lives in Mexico here: http://fairtrd.us/1sIfkRl #BeFair

Fairtrade offers consumers a powerful way to reduce poverty through their every day shopping. Look for the FAIRTRADE Mark.

"Fair Trade, don't just look for this label on coffee, banana's, and chocolate (although, please continue doing so!), have a look at your clothes, shoes, and jewellery too! #fashiontakesaction" This campaign spreads the word of FairTrade in fashion not just food. I think this works well as many franchises do not make their conditions & welfare of workers known. This is important to shoppers even if cost of product does contribute; If there were an option shoppers would actively choose FairTr...

Click 'like' if you're proud that your cup of #FairTrade #coffee empowers farmers to invest in their farms. Learn more here: http://fairtradeusa.org/blog/individual-capacity-building-capucas-honduras