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All our best shots seem to come from interacting with something... guess it helps the kids relax and allows us to catch their natural reactions... this would be a fun prop/ medium to play with. photography Holly Cummins

braid...either side or straight down the back...easy and better for your hair than a pony tail (since it grabs the ends of hair and not the shaft).

silent night. This describes how I feel every time it snows. Pure magic.

girl in snow - I want a pretty picture in the snow!!!

Veiled Woman "Mujer con velo" - ©Alejandra Solett -

I have a white branch, and Rach has snow (spider webs), I have logs outside in a pile, and I just need some snowflakes and this could make a great scene for Elise 6 month photo!

I honestly had the hardest time on deciding if this should go in my hair board or my makeup board because honestly i'm in love with both. p.s. - I put it in both :)