This is adorable & I love the cut... Wish I could do something like this but I know I'd miss my hair as soon as I wanted to throw it up :)

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A Bird's Leap: How to: Upside Down French Braid Pony

If only I could French braid!

1. Put hair half up with a small clip(leave out one section of hair on each side) 2. Braid the hair left behind. 3. Bobby pin the braid close to the clipped hair or unclip your hair and clip in the braids. 4. Add puff (if wanted) 5. Done!

Ways to pin back hair. the correct link this time.

Great way to learn braiding!

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Tranças coloridas | Marimoon | MTV Brasil

Twisted Pony

French Braid Bangs

bang braids

Beau !

1. To add height, tease the hair in front, then spritz it with a flexible hold hairspray. 2. Split hair in two from the back, then take each section and separate into two pieces. 3. Twist and tie hair in knots (like shoelaces) and repeat until you get to the end. Use a heavy shot of hairspray at the ends to hold the style.

probably already pinned it i just love the hair

hair braid how to's

Side Braid into Messy Bun Tutorial