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Photographer Cédric Delsaux took photos in dreary locations for the purpose of using them as backdrops for his Star Wars inspired series. What commenced was an epic series of ultra-realistic images that is an ode to Star Wars, set to a modern day theme.

In Dark Lens, photographer Cédric Delsaux transposes Star Wars characters into the bleak and incongruous settings of planet Earth’s urban and suburban wastelands.

Star Wars Recreations of Famous Photographs. David Eger presents a series of photographs, recreating famous photographs with Star Wars characters. Storm Troopers and of course also Darth Vader appear in the series, entitled ’365 Days of Clones’. --Highsnobiety

Star Wars in an infographic

Check out the webpage for the Daft Punk DeLorean photoshoot.

Star Wars stormtrooper (Scottish Stormtrooper? Lion Rampant on shoulder bell)

Iconic Images Recreated With Star Wars Figures Looks very good! In photographer David Eger's “Cloned Photos” project, he has recreated historical photographs, movie posters, and imagery using Clone Troopers and other Star Wars figures.

GeekTyrantfrom GeekTyrant

Captain America Wears Iron Man-Style Armor — "Captain Iron"

Check out this amazingly cool digital illustration of Captain America wearing a suit of Iron Man type armor that was specifically built for the all-American hero. It was created by concept artist Abraão Segundo, and he calls it "Captain Iron."

Look at who Big Bird is hanging out with! Awesome droids from Star Wars. #r2d2 #c3po

My husband will LOVE this! Star Wars Stormtroopers emotions.