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  • Shannon Guenther

    December 12, 1915: Frank Sinatra's birthday. Here is Sinatra's mug shot, his reason for arrest? “Carrying on with a married woman” — a criminal offense at the time. The charge was eventually dismissed, but his reputation as a ladies’ man only grew...imagine how many arrests would be made today, both men & women. Maybe people would think twice if this was still the case.

  • Ivan De Lucca

    Only Frank Sinatra could pull of a mugshot like this📷 #style #franksinatra #lifestyle #jail #menstyle #photooftheday #potd #ootd #outfitoftheday #f4f #fashionblogger #likeforfollow #menswear #instagood #instadaily #fashionformen #stylemindedmen #streetstyle #photo #stylish #guysfashion #dapper #dope

  • Finkiyaya

    In 1938, a 23-year-old Frank Sinatra was arrested in Bergen County, N.J. on charges of seduction and adultery. The charges were later dismissed when it was determined that the woman involved was married.

  • Laura Martellacci

    A 23 year old Frank Sinatra has his mug shots taken, after he was arrested for adultery and seduction, a crime at the time (1938). 30 Rare Photos Of Celebs From Before They Were Famous

  • LSF Media

    Celebrity mugshot - young Frank Sinatra

  • Patty Miller

    Old Blue Eyes mug shot. Scrawny kid Frank Sinatra - 1938

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