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You can't resist this. You tryna resist this but it ain't gonna happen.

This is kind of my kitty. incidentally, while my cats are vicious mousers... they adopted a pet rat as one of their own. go figure

"When I hear somebody say, 'I hate cats,' I don't frown upon them, or view them with disdain. I simply recognize that they haven't had the opportunity to be accepted and owned by a cat." --Warren and Fay Eckstein

sweet tabby kitten white shirt cute. looks just like my baby girl.

I know it's not a dog but it's cutter than hell!!!!!!!

Gorgeous silver tabby cat ~ Oh my he know's it too. ♥

Everything you need to know about cats.

Rescued Kitten "Black Dot" | photo by Yang Min-chi

This is an angel kitty. People who can't appreciate how cute this is, are seriously messed up!