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  • Brica Inc.

    10 Ways to Relieve Labor Pain from These pain management techniques from Lamaze will help for an easier labor and delivery.

  • Nicole Dukes

    10 ways to relieve labor pain... Good to know for future baby #2

  • Jenny Luegering

    Get Off Your Back! Labor positions to relieve pain.

  • Kristin Castillo

    10 tips to relieve labor pain. *Taking a bath did wonders for me during my last month of pregnancy! I also meditated while doing so and the contractions were less painful.

  • LetThemEatCake

    labor pain relief by barbm

  • Emily Drolshagen

    10 ways to relieve labor pain. Actually I like the pros and cons of the different labor positions.

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10 Ways to Relieve Labor Pain from These pain management techniques from Lamaze will help for an easier labor and delivery.

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disappointed in this advice! This entire article is focused on pumping. I have traveled with a BF baby and toddler and never even brought a pump. It make BFing look hard and cumbersome and discourages moms. Conveniently, there is a formula ad next to the title. :\

  • Bonnie Colon

    You are all a bunch of bullys Alana, and not a very classy group of mommies! It's very sad when someone gets attacked for having a different opinion. I'm not "pissy" about anything, and not everyone gets to make "choices". If you think the article is slanted, maybe it's you who has the bias!

  • Alana Hawker

    I'm sorry your choice makes you feel like projecting your bullying attitude on other people. Maybe next time make a choice you aren't so ashamed of?

  • Bonnie Colon

    Unfortunately I didn't get the option to make the choice. But thanks for the nasty assumptions. You are a very disgusting person. SMH, very sad how angry you are. I am a happy person with miracle babies, and lots of support!

  • Luisa Silva

    I think the title of the article is misleading. Maybe it should have stated it was for EPing mothers. The article didn't really have any tips for EBF mothers. I have friends and family who chose to pump as a way to ensure their babies got breastmilk, it is not easy and very time consuming. I applaud them for the dedication. Bonnie and Ciara, if you actually read the commentary, no one is judging a mother for their decision to pump. They are just disappointed by the article. Bullying is a strong word to throw around. Especially since there is no bullying taking place. Be happy and stand by the choices you made. No one is judging you for them. So please don't judge and project assumptions that were not even made.

  • Breanna Ferrebee

    This is great for moms who ep. Not so much for those of us whi EBF. Though a few of them are great ideas for a working mom who has to pump to keep her supply.

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