Realistic rose

Gorgeous realistic black ink roses with a string of pearls laced throughout tattoo.....beautiful! Done by artist bangbangnyc

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Blue Rose Tattoo

upper-arm tattoo of photo-realistic red, pink, and orange roses sprinkled in dew

Roses sleeve tattoo

The most beautiful realistic yellow roses I have ever seen tattooed!! By the great @*Lauren * Coult

Realistic rose shoulder tattoo, very soft looking.

Stunning Abstract and Realistic Rose Tattoos. Click for all pictures 10 is absolutely stunning!!!! back, ink, thigh, shoulder, hip, side, vine, lace, neck, floral, arm, sleeve, red, black, pink, bow, white, gray, green, leaves, butterfly

love this!!!!!!!!! This is the rose tat I have always talked about!!! Realistic roses!!! Not tattoo roses! Awesomeness!!!

Rose tattoo

Rose Tattoos - Meaning & Symbolism of Rose Tattoos | How to Tattoo? I think if I could ever get a sleeve I would probably do a flower sleeve, with many different kinds of flowers..

I ABSOLUTELY love this tattoo and the placement. I love the flowers and the music notes. I want to pick a fav song of mine and get the music sheet notes from a section i LOVE and do something just like this

Absolutely beautiful realistic pink roses by Kyle Wood Tattoos (Woodwork Tattoo Poulsbo, WA) SO hard to find really well done PINK rose tattoos (that look THIS real!) I also really love how vivid this pink is!

Rose tattoo

If I only was one of those crazy tattoo people....I would seriously get this

3-D Rose Tattoo. Beautiful artwork.

Rose #tattoo

This is how i want my roses added to my chest script

Not your typical "I'm 18 so I'm going to get a rose tattoo". Exquisite colors brighten the realistic rose tattoos shining from her upper arm.

Roses Tattoo