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Woof! I'm packed & ready for #BlogPaws! Don't forget 2 follow me on #Pinterest

I met @BrutustheDane at #BlogPaws. See the pics on my Blog Paws #pinterest board

Tillman says Thanks #BlogPaws it's been great being here! Follow me on #Pinterest

A close up of @TillmanSkates smiling on his skateboard at #BlogPaws

@SheldonGryffin one of the many dogs attending #BlogPaws

you can't see me

Rose and Sully pop balloons to help kick off #BlogPaws

@TillmanSkates rides his skateboard to kick off #BlogPaws

@NormanScooter dog scoots to help kick off #BlogPaws

Wait for me! You forgot your kisses!

Tillman rides his skateboard at #BlogPaws follow me!

These Eyes...... Golden Retriever ❤️ reminds me of my dear departed Shady dog - for me - my Tannie boy.

I posted this pic of me & @judystsai on my #Pinterest #BlogPaws board

Norman the Scooter Dog waves farewell to everyone at Blog Paws

That is one dedicated golden retriever!

after ten years, my dogs who are smart enough to develop their own toilet paper unrolling game, have not figured out the word "no": Animals, Dogs, Pet, Doxie S, Doxies, So True, Funny Animal

Love thy dog

not me, i'm over here.

we all need a pick-me-up day no matter what size!

The Cutest Pets on Twitter This Week!