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    The beauty and terror of the greatest of Sumerian goddesses comes through in this ancient statue. Inanna/Ishtar was at once lovely and terrible, seducing many great men and then killing them. Her unearthly white skin and glowing red eyes warn those who might answer her as she beckons with her right hand.

    Mesopotamia, Goddess Ishtar or Ereshkigal 'Queen of the Night' (18th Century B.C.). Goddess Ishtar, the roots of later Christian celebrated 'Easter,' Christianity having Pagan roots.

    Lilith. Reviled as a destroyer and seducer of men. Throughout history Lilith was the one who would not submit. Passed down from Sumeria, the Hittite Empire, Babylon to the Semitic peoples, she became the archetype of the dangerous woman who refused submission.

    Babylonian Goddess Ashtart Ishtar Statue 2000 BC

    Terracotta statuette of a woman looking into a box mirror Hellenistic,3rd-2nd century BC Greek. Terracotta

    Statuette of the Chupícuaro people. Terracotta, Mexico, 7th-2nd century BC.