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Foods that can naturally reduce joint inflammation. Brazil nuts, blueberries, red peppers, garlic, ginger, beets, and more.

Diet For Underactive Thyroid

Kombu: A type of seaweed. Reduces bad cholesterol and hypertension. Contains iodine which is important for thyroid function. Iron which carries oxygen to the cells and Calcium which builds strong bones and teeth. Eat Kombu for strong eyesight and immunity.

The Greek word ‘Mel-ATON-in' means "Black Sun Tone." ‘Melg' means,‘Milk' and also ‘Galaxy.' External Melanin is Black Matter in the Milky Way Galaxy. | Satan [Titans/ Titanic] aka Melanin... The Black Dot [1st Eye]. | Etruscans were the Original Black Greeks in Rome. | Satan aka Soular Gods [Elohim] trapped in the flesh. | Pineal Gland aka Black Sun, Black Dot, Star, Cosmos, Universe, Heru, Hercules, Daath [Dark Vader], Abraham, Amen Ra, Hidden Sun, Imm

Natural Cure For Underactive Thyroid Walnuts-powerful antioxident-garlic, Iodine (iodine), fish oil (omega 3 fatty acids), onions (selenium)

Vitacost Kelp - Iodine is good for thyroid function. #setandsave