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Want the kids to learn Hebrew? Start em early! Babies’ language lessons may start inside the womb. Newborns can recognize vowels from their mother tongue hours after birth, study suggests.

A note from one of our students in Nigeria, Henry Okafor, giving some balance for us wild Hebrew enthusiasts. What do you think of his caution here? A friend requested that I recommend a center where he could learn Hebrew and I was subsequently drawn to introduce him to As a descendant of Gad, it's natural for me to be interested in Hebrew; for my native language Igbo was derived from Hebrew and the rest of Henry's note on the stories page at…

How did you learn your first language? By hearing it spoken. Alot! That's the Holy Language philosophy for how you should learn your second language too - which is why we get you reading Hebrew texts so early, and why we've gone out of our way to make Audio Bible resources available to you on our website, Faith Comes By Hearing just released a new Dramatized Hebrew New Testament app! Get it free by searching "faith comes by hearing hebrew" in the app store. Enjoy!

This unique Aleph-Bet chart is part of The NJOP’s innovative introductory Hebrew program which teaches participants to learn to read Hebrew in only five 1-1/2 hour weekly sessions.

Fun Hebrew Art for #rainbow ✡ Hebrew Bites with Jonathan! Shalom, I'm Jonathan, a volunteer with Holy Language Institute. I'm always looking for more ways to learn #Hebrew even when it is bite sized. ♥ I hope you'll also join me at for more Hebrew learning experiences!

The Ancient Hebrew Language and Alphabet: Understanding the Ancient Hebrew Language of the Bible Based on Ancient Hebrew Culture and Thought by Jeff A. Benner Meet Jeannie, one of our newest Hebrew students. Here's her beautiful story of being drawn by God's Ruach/Spirit, and facing questions after being diagnosed with breast cancer. All I can in regards to my desire to learn the Hebrew language is that it is G-d inspired. As I look back on my life, even in the very early years, I've had a deep empathy and love for the Jewish people. As a young child, I was deeply interested in the Holocaust and the Jewish people are… My name's Alex and I came from Hong Kong. What inspired me to start learning Hebrew in Holy Language Institute? Well, I came across a song called "Indescribable" by Beckah Shae and it included beautiful Hebrew lyrics like "Baruch shem kivod leolam va'ed" and "Barukh attah Adonai, melekh m'hulal batishbachot." I personally found the Hebrew words beautiful and somehow found it intimate to praise the Lord with these words. Also, I really would like to understand the…

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5 rituals that will help you learn a new language faster

"5 rituals that will help you learn a new language faster." This part is especially true of our tribe and Hebrew! "You should be striving for fluency because you are passionate about the country and culture. Learning languages takes a lot of time and involvement. Without passion for your chosen language, it can be difficult to find the motivation required to work towards your goal."