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alexa meade: real-life paintings


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alexa meade: real-life paintings


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alexa meade: real-life paintings


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Painting directly on Subjects by Alexa Meade

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Artist Alexa

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Alexa Meade

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Life Paintings

Another view. American artist alexa meade creates her representational paintings directly on her subjects, covering people and objects in layers of acrylic paint before photographing them.


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Alexa Meada

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Alexa Meade

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Alexa Meade


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Alexa Meade artist


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Ebb by Alexa Meade


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Meade Madness

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an art piece from Alexa Meade.


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Alexa Mead - real people painted to look like paintings


Painting Alexa

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Meade Body

here's Alexa with one of her painted people

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alexa meade: real-life paintings

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Durer with Girlfriend by Dorothee Golz. Classic portrait faces on modern bodies

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Lisa Hirst

Hirst Liza

Hirst Oil

Summer in France • artist: Liza Hirst on Flickr


Magazine - Wooden Sculptures by Willy Verginer

Sculpture Willy

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Verginer Sculpture

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Italian woodcarver artist, Willy Verginer, creates these very realistic wooden sculptures of people, with an addition of a simplistic layer of color. Each sculpture is life-sized, entirely sculpted from wood.


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Painting ABSTRACT ART mixed media on wood by erinashleyart ....Check this out:

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Portrait of Yue Minjun in his studio, Beijing, 2007

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11 Colour


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Afremovartstudio Pictures

Figure Oil

Ballerina 3 — PALETTE KNIFE Figure Oil Painting On Canvas by Leonid Afremov, $239.00

Etsyfrom Etsy

Perennial Moment (gold) - 12x18 Art Print - Dandelion Art

Perennial Moment

Art Perennial

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Moment 8X10

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