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    Boytroidal Chalcedony. Botryoidal (grape-like) structures manifest internally as "turtle-backing" or sometimes externally as "bubble-top" surfaces.

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    Nevada Blue Chalcedony. Looks like somebody cut out and encased a little piece of Arizona Desert

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    Blue Pietersite

    Rhodonite: Helps keep a clear, calm mind in tense situations and in coping with changing circumstances such as separations, a new job, a move or a long journey. Helpful during examinations and prevents mental blocks. It symbolizes self-realization. It is known as the 'first-aid' stone and is recognized as a beneficial traveling companion. balancedwomensblo...

    Chrysoberyl is composed of beryllium aluminum oxide and is colorless when in its pure form. Trace amounts of iron color the mineral yellow (as seen here), brown, and green. Chrysoberyl is an extremely hard and durable mineral. It is most commonly found as greenish-yellow crystals. Although better known for the rare and valuable cat's eye and alexandrite varieties, chrysoberyl is also cut into such attractive gems as this 114.25 carat stone from Minas Gerais, Brazil.

    Chatoyant Charoite Rare Purple Russian Stone 39 by FenderMinerals