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durian merah

Durian Isu (Durio oxleyanus), a rare durian from lowland rainforest in Borneo, Peninsula Malaysia and Sumatera. The flesh of the fruit is of light yellow to orange, very sweet and is hardly scented.

Red Durian of Borneo.

monthong durian

Как и где растут экзотические фрукты

Durian kura-kura (Durio testudinarium) grows fruits on tree trunk. This rare durian tree is not cultivated and only grown wild in Borneo rainforest.


Red durian

durian (monthong variety)

Durian Montong (Bakti Alam Farm) - Pasuruan - East Java

Singapore! The magical durian...smells like hell, tastes like heaven! Not to me! Taste the same as it smells!

Red Durians? Who doesn’t know durians? Surely everybody knows about durians, the prickly skin with distinctive odor, strong and penetrating.

Durian Fruit ... I made ice cream out of this before since my friend is Vietnamese and she eats that kind of thing at home. anyways it was NASTY!!! even after adding tons of sugar.

"DURIAN"....The durian may be the world's most mysterious fruit. First there's the outer husk, which is covered with thorns and must be broken through to get to the yellow fruit inside. Then there’s the smell. The durian is known for its absolutely horrendous odor, which eaters must overcome to get to the flavorful fruit. While many think the inner meat is delicious, people often disagree about its flavor and liken it to something that they have never experienced before.

Durian. Chinese. Whooew, stinky. Upscale Bangkok hotels forbid bringing durian into rooms.

Durian - King of fruits. Either you hate it or you love it. <3 :)

durian... the smell is terrible but the taste are amazinggg!

Rambai fruit tree

Lychee fruit a sweet exotic fruit. I love to snack on or enjoy in a drink. Give them a bite. You will like them too.