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Durian Butter family would love this. Must try before Brad comes back!!

Durian "King of Fruit" I don't give a damn how stinky they reportedly are, I can't wait to eat one of these babies.

Durian Pancake  is a popular dessert in 3 Southeast Asian countries, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.   I don’t know why it’s called Pancake while the shape is similar to Crêpe that is filled and fold like an envelope. The Indonesian dark coffee (kopi tubruk) would be perfect to company this dessert.

Durian Fruit. I had this in NY in China Town on the street. It smells like old feet but tastes amazing.

Durian Yogurt Cake | Thai Food by SheSimmers

Singapore! The magical durian...smells like hell, tastes like heaven! Not to me! Taste the same as it smells!