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Hyacinths ~ indoor air freshener - such a beautiful scent

Hyacinth by lucia and mapp, via Flickr

Mom, these were the flowers that I couldn't remember the name of. I love these, they smell so good.

My grandma loved these so much, she planted them along the bank of the road. Now she is in heaven and everytime we walk down the road, in the spring time, we are reminded of her :)

Fuchsias ...I always try to have these in my garden every year. they are so lovely. the purple/red is my favorite, but there is a small pink one that is pretty too.....b

Bulbes à planter dès l'automne, si vous voulez profiter de leurs jolies clochettes bleues, roses ou blanches au printemps (floraison de mars à mai). Rustiques, ils se plaisent au jardin ou en pot, plutôt au soleil, et peuvent aussi former de délicats bouquets pour la maison.

Hyacinth - ©Denise Bierach. These babies are my favorite! Anytime I pass by one, I always have to stop to breathe in its gorgeous scent! ♥