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Big Little Thing #4: We need to count the opportunity cost of teacher tasks Opportunity cost is the opportunity you give up when you or your employees work on something else. Teachers have a certain number of hours in the day but many lawmakers and administrators don't consider the opportunity costs of things like paperwork, time wasting meetings, and other things that don't improve student learning. We need to count the monetary and opportunity cost. One thing done leaves another undone.

Thing #1: The student bathroom You can tell a lot about an organization by the bathroom. A nice school bathroom shows how willing you are to seek excellence and pride in even the small things. Here is an article I wrote about this.

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The Best Printing Trick for Teachers!

Are you looking for a way to print with endless colored ink on a budget? This printing trick is one of the best things that ever happened to me as a teacher!

Big Little Thing #2: Marry the Percentages till Death do you part When schools and businesses start bragging about percentage increases, I always think that they will live to regret it. You reach a point where you can't maintain those increases. The real question should be if students are really learning.


Reading This Is So Satisfying

Writing--love this

Big Little Thing #3: We need to encourage the aged to stay in education Too many education leaders are ageists. Some of our most wise, productive, caring teaching professionals are going to be older. As I think of the 83 year old Learning Lab director at my school (who rides her bike 12 miles a night) I think of the hundreds of kids who wouldn't have been helped if she had retired 18 years a go when she was "supposed to." We need to encourage the wise among us to stay among us.



"There's No Homework in Finland" (#INFOGRAPHIC) Internet Site, Finland Education, Website, Schools, Web Site, No Homework, Learning, Infographic, Teachers

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Writing Competition – Great Feedback with NO GRADING from You! "Survive" Theme

Want to lighten your grading load while still having students write and receive meaningful feedback on their work? Click HERE for the solution!

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Most Dangerous Game short story lit. analysis worksheets & tasks, Connell, CCSS

Use the classic short story, “The Most Dangerous Game” by Richard Connell to teach your students the elements of literary analysis. A full three-day lesson plan will keep your students busy reading, writing, and thinking!

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Using Humor to Teach the Importance of English Class PPT

Great first day/first week activity: Using Humor to Demonstrate the Importance of English Class - the ultimate collection of "Grammar Fails" and other real-world errors that demonstrate to students the importance of proofreading and editing skills.

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Classroom Rules Subway Style Wood Sign

I want to make this

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Growth mindset bulletin board

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Grammar Games Bundle

Research tells us students learn more when we get them up and moving. Why not try to eradicate those common grammar errors with a little bit of fun--try it out with Grammar Games!