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(KO) All played out. Flattened with exhaustion. After the sleeping, more naughtiness will ensue.

So tired, tired of waiting for you.

"I believe cats to spirits come to earth. A cat, I am sure, could walk through a cloud without coming through." --Jules Verne

God please hear my prayer. God please forgive me for my sins and bless the sick and give hope to the people that are going through tough times in their life. Amen

Sleeping Meowy kittens. So adorable.

Hi my name is Munchkins...Munch for short but....I have been called other names too.

"Cats' eyes seem to be a bridge to a world beyond the one we know." --Lynn Hollyn

Penny Lane - love this kitten & the bedroom decor :)

"Kittens need lots of handling and exposure to home-life from birth if they are going to be great companions." -Dr. Marty Becker *DSC_0013 by *lalalaurie, via Flickr

I have to talk to you about something called the Avengers Initiative.