An incredible set of activities and resources for #drama teachers and #acting coaches from Kennesaw state university

Resources for Drama Teachers

teaching resources for drama and dance curriculum (ontario)

Drama Resources & Links: Acting, Costumes, Plays, Scripts, Technical... etc

Homeworkopoly Classroom game-neat idea...homework completion incentive in resource?

FREE Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition Sorting Activity from Laura Candler's Teaching Resources

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Cupcake Contraction Sort

Drama Resource!

VISUAL ART: This website gives tons of ideas of how to learn about the Arts through China, Islam, or Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Art, giving activities and information resources to discover and learn throughout all curriculum areas. It also has links to lesson plans and professional development. A great resource for helping students explore the arts throughout history.

72 Creative Ways for Students to Show What They Know | Minds in Bloom

Teaching Drama, Theatre, or Playwriting? No materials from your public school. This website gives full units designed to teach students creatively about the creative arts.

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Drama activities for the classroom

Theater: Drama activities for Elementary students, as well as links to pages with many more ideas.

Effective classroom management is one of the biggest challenges for many middle and high school teachers. This resource has everything a teacher needs to set up effective routines, maintain accurate record keeping, and set up a positive classroom atmosphere

Drama Resource-Great tips and resources for you and your students #teaching

Great resource for drama #games

Make a day out of the classroom easy as can be with this extremely detailed and comprehensive resource! It’s filled with everything you need to set up a Substitute Teacher Toolkit so that when life (illness, family emergency, travels, jury duty…) gets in the way of teaching, you can set up your students and substitute teacher for a successful, safe and productive day! It even includes Emergency Lessons Plans for 3 days of instruction! A superb resource for any teacher!

20 First Day of School Activities and Resources for Students and Teachers!

The Drama Teacher Blog: Resources For Those Who Love Teaching Drama