• Liesl Leman

    or lake...

  • Shin Rina Kaeda

    I thought I am the most free person in the world, until something (someone) hold me back and make me don't wanna leave this place.

  • Felicia Maria Utomo

    Someday I will build a house beside the sea... my bucket list ..my vision board ,, AMEN

  • Laura Menzies

    someday I will build a house beside the sea #beach #house #quote

  • Sherry O'Neil

    Or at least buy one by the ocean! <3

  • Mary Pleiss

    my Aunt said (when she was a little girl) "I want to be a spinster and live by the sea"....and she did! love you Estelle.

  • Kelly Norton

    a love of the sea + dream of a perfect living space there. this one is for @Kate Mazur Packer Edwards :)

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