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    Cherokee Braves Flag This flag was carried by Colonel Stand Watie’s Cherokee Mounted Rifles; the body of the flag is the First National pattern flag of the Confederate States; the canton is blue with eleven white stars in a circle, surrounding five red stars representing the Five Civilized Tribes (Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw and Seminole); the large red star in the center represents the Cherokee Nation. “Cherokee Braves” is lettered in red in the center of the white stripe. The 1st Cherokee Mounted Rifles was organized in July 1861, under the command of Colonel John Drew, and consisted of full-blood Cherokees. The 2nd Cherokee Mounted Rifles was organized under the command of Colonel Stand Waite, and consisted of Cherokees of mixed blood. Due to the wording of the constitution of the Confederate States of America, a military unit could only be commissioned in one of the states that was part of the Confederacy. Arkansas being the closet to the Indian Territory, the units were formed under the State of Arkansas. The 1st Cherokee Mounted Rifles was first formed as the 1st Arkansas Mounted Volunteers [Rifles]. A portion of Drew’s regiment deserted in late 1861; the majority of the remainder deserted following the Confederate defeat at the Battle of Fort Wayne in October 1862. The remaining members of Drew’s regiment combined with Waite’s and were reorganized as the 1st Regiment Cherokee Mounted Rifles; during the Civil War Waite’s regiment participated in twenty-seven major engagements and numerous skirmishes. Most of his activities utilized guerilla warfare tactics. The flag was one of two captured by Lieutenant David Whittaker of Company B, 10th Regiment Kansas Volunteer Infantry at Locust Grove, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, on July 3, 1862.

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The Cherokee Indians have a lot of celebrations. They dance and feast and dance wildly. Perhaps this is where I get my "wild side" life with wild abandon. Lol! Blame it on the Cherokee. SH

cherokee nation symbol | Cherokee NationSong

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My great grandmother was full blooded Cherokee. Constitution of the Cherokee Nation.....♥

CHEROKEE "NATION OF" INDIANS ~ TERRITORIAL LIMITS MAP (by C.C. Royce 1884) of the former territorial limits- exhibiting the boundries of the various CESSIONS of land made them to the COLONIES and to the UNITED STATES - By treaty stipulations from the beginning of their relations with the whites to the date of their removal west of the Mississippi River.

Elias Cornelius Boudinot was a member of the Arkansas secession convention, a Colonel in the in the Civil War (Confederate), and a representative in the Confederate Congress. During the Civil War, he fought for the Confederate Army, under his uncle, Indian General Stand Watie. Boudinot reached the rank of lieutenant colonel. In 1863, he was a member of the Confederate Congress, representing the Cherokee Indians...

This is the seal of the great Cherokee Nation. It represents pride and dignity.

Here is the Cherokee alphabet. This is used for the main language in the Cherokee Nation.

Cherokee Indian Symbols | Seal of the Cherokee Nation

This silk Confederate 1st National pattern flag has two red stripes, one white stripe and a blue field, with eleven white stars outlined in red. The 1st National flag was presented to the Provisional Congress of the Confederate States of American by a flag committee on March 4, 1861. From the Trans Mississippi Virtual Museum