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Mrs. Greene - crafts, food, fashion, lifefrom Mrs. Greene - crafts, food, fashion, life

Craft Tutorial: DIY Silicone Skull Mold (Crafting with Sugru!)

diy silicone skull mold using sugru

BEST stamp carving tutorial on the web; she covers from beginning (tracing your design) to end (stamping). She makes it look so easy


Preparing the silicone.

World's easiest silicone mold. Make a mold, then a replica, of practically anything.

A thing that can make other things! (As an aside, getting to this link also introduced me to letterboxing, apparently a combination of geocaching and crafting. Amazing!)

Fruit Teacups for each one of my awesome friends, @Cindy Wise, @Emily Schoenfeld Schoenfeld Wise, @Courtney Baker Baker McComb, @Gary Meadowcroft Meadowcroft Pritt

MNN - Mother Nature Networkfrom MNN - Mother Nature Network

20 unexpected things you can fix with Sugru

DIY Tutorial: How to create a universal cable grip on any surface | Sugru via. Instructables


How To Make Your Own Sugru Substitute

DIY Sugru Molds using Silicone Caulk Corn Starch - Sugru is a multi-purpose silicone rubber that resembles modeling clay and is self-curing after 24 hrs. It is ideal for making reusable, flexible molds. - Recipe for making Homemade Sugru from Silicone Caulk Cornstarch, Detailed Tutorial Tips

15 ways to craft stamps with sugru | Sugru - sugru + recycled bottle caps = beautiful fabric stamps