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    • Ashley Smith

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    • Josey Bushell

      blunt cards - Google Search

    • Cambria

      #TurboBitch hahahahaha!!!

    • Marla Johnson

      This just made me laugh out loud.

    • Hanna Allen

      turbo bitch bluntcard.

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    My Mama didn't raise any stupid children.

    Same here, sister!

    It's not a BluntCard, but it not only fits the spirit of the board, it's completely accurate.

    No, I absolutely do *not* know anyone I could send this card to. ::cough::bullshit::cough::

    Now, to buy a pool . . . .

    I tried visualizing this, and damned near wet myself laughing.

    So I says to myself . . .


    I don't think I know anyone this applies to. But I love it just the same.

    This about sums it up, dontcha think? Every 4 to 8 years the side of the aisle changes, but sweet Jesus we're all a bunch of fucking whiners, aren't we?

    This is what I want to send whenever my stapler or tape gun goes AWOL at work. I think my team would find it hilarious. Management, notsomuch.

    The measure of a true friend.

    I think we should be allowed to mail these back with every reunion invitation and/or fund raising plea from pretty much any educational institution you ever attended.


    I'm beginning to be a tad concerned about my next flight . . .

    Yes. And yes.

    That's . . . disgusting? (Ha!!)

    I'd send this one, too. But I don't. So I guess we're fake bitches together! Too bad we can't agree on that, either.

    Your hats are less than exceptional!

    I love this Bluntcard. THere are people I would send it to, if I didn't mind it raining shit on me day and night. So for now, I just look at it and smile.

    Oh no! Not Teh Gays!

    because I'm just that juvenile.