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    Buttercup is bad-ass!

    Powerpuff Girls Buttercup | More from deviantART

    Powerpuff Girls Buttercup | ... BLOSSOM OF POWERPUFF GIRLS.png - The Powerpuff Girls: Action Time Wiki

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    How to draw Blossom from Powerpuff Girls with easy step by step drawing tutorial

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    powerpuff girls - Google Search

    For 7 Likes, I explain why my name is Bubbles. She is why (fun fact: her name is Bubbles because she was all cute and bubbly)

    I got Buttercup! Which Powerpuff Girl Are You?

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    The Powerpuff Girls

    Power puff girls :) :) @Megan Ward Ross @Emily Schoenfeld Dunbar

    Bubbles from Power Puff Girls. my favorite PPG and my first tattoo! (it was so, so long ago and I still love my bubbles tattoo)

    PPG/KP crossover!

    disney birthday graphics | Disney Minnie Mouse T Shirt Personalized Birthday Year | eBay

    PPG. :)

    [The Power Puff Girls] bubbles

    power puff girls / my little pony friendship is magic An adorbs mashup. This is what they should look like as people!

    Personalized Custom Birthday T-shirt Powerpuff Girls Bubbles

    reminds me of my friends at work. *_* we are the powerpuff girls. ;))