Grapes to raisins

Time Lapse growth of a Sunflower - homeschool video

▶ Time lapse fast growing corn, roots and leaves growing - YouTube

Video: Raisin Growing and Harvesting - How It Works - food production

cinnamon raisin fruit roll ups

Green Bean Germination

Awesome video documenting erosion over a year's span. I think it could be a great attention grabber!

Teach your child how vegetables grow above and below ground with this fun gardening craft.

Radish seeds sprouting

Seed timelapse - Timelapse video of a seed growing done by Albert Sabaté and Paul Galvez.

Development of a fruitfly embryo in real time

Fruit and vegetable decomposition.

Video: Time lapse dandelion, flower to seed head

Photosynthesis is an essential part of the exchange between humans and plants. Amanda Ooten walks us through the process of photosynthesis, also discussing the relationship between photosynthesis and carbohydrates, starch, and fiber -- and how the air we breathe is related to the food we ingest.

How It's Made Potato Chips

the food chain

I love hot dogs....see How It's Made Hot Dogs

Food Web

Experiment ~ Can You Undo Water Pollution? In this experiment the kids learn just how hard it is to undo water pollution.

Great site with kid-friendly explanations and games related to food chains and other topics.

Make a model of the digestive system: Frozen Mixed Fruit, Lemon Juice, and a Ziplock bag!