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I am thankful for narwhales. Because if they exist, then maybe unicorns do too.

Actually, you get rather invested in that hair. | The 42 Stages Of "Welcome To Night Vale" Addiction

The 42 Stages Of "Welcome To Night Vale" Addiction

Community Post: The 42 Stages Of "Welcome To Night Vale" Addiction

Happy 4th of July! #IndependenceDay

Happy 4th of July! #IndependenceDay

19 things you may or may not know about Star Wars.

19 Things You Didn't know about Star Wars

Star Wars Infographic - 19 things you probably didn't know. I knew some of these things.some I didn't. You will have to go to the actual website to be able to read it.


I really hope they make an incredibles 2 because they did another about monster inc. So there's still hope on me

Warner Bros. Logo used with Harry Potter Films - illustrates mood/tone.

Evolution Of Warner Bros. Logo In Harry Potter

evolution of WB logo for harry potter Funny How I spotted this right away and everyone thought I was mad. Also, the sky's get darker at every movie

*CLOMP!* All right, I saw that, but I'm going to pretend it never happened! I'm not going to move! I'm not going to chase you! If you bring that ball back here, before I count to ten, we'll just pretend, that nothing happened! One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine... *PFFT!* Thank you... That was a very wise decision! *SIGH!*

Charles M. Schulz's classic "Peanuts" looks at the lives of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and other favorite characters.

And then, of course, there's the Black Knight. | 18 Glorious Moments From "Monty Python And The Holy Grail"

It's never anything less than perfect.

18 Glorious Moments From “Monty Python And The Holy Grail” " I'll bite your leg off!"~ The Black Knight.

Crowley forgets he's the bad guy sometimes <3 and it's moments like these where we are thankful we still have him.

it was never Sam's fault. Gadreel killed Kevin, the writers killed Kevin actually, lol. But it was by Sam's hands, and the image of Kevin's death is always stuck in his head.