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This is hilarious. The Hunger Games, as retold by Facebook

Albert Einstein.. I am very curious

The Cantina Quartet - I don't have anything personal against 1D, btw. I dont know anything about them, lol, I'm too old.

Catnip: Not Even Once

Only got 3 of them!


This would make science much more interesting. Sometimes you just need a break for a good laugh.

I don't even Know what to say

These actually make me kind of happy. It's good to see a little chaos occasionally. Even if it's caused by a few idiots

Tutorial: Scratch Build Helmet - Start to Finish by Ori Cabur

Well played, kid, well played. #Thor

The type of person needing this shirt is not the type of person to wear this shirt.

I just died.

Star Wars

C-3PO Head Drawing | ... digital media comics other 2012 2015 thuddleston c 3po head shot manga

Daydreaming with C-3PO

Omg, this is awesome! R2D2+and+C3PO+Inspired+Best+Friends+Necklace+by+rapscalliondesign,+$36.00

C-3PO - 12" Perfect Model Sixth Scale Figure

c3po on the set of Star Wars in 1977. So cool.. #starwars

This is so cool I want one so badly it would be better if it was Darth Vader. But I still love c3po

Yoda, Boba Fett, Leila, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Ewok, Chewy, Han Solo, Darth Maul, R2D2