Coke Barn Fairfield Co - OH. I love Coca-Cola and red barns,,,what could be better?


I took a long drive out into the county and I had to pull over and shoot this place. I really loved how the fence seemed to be the divider of Spring Flowers and Winter rain flooded fields.

Barn, not just any barn but one of the most photographed barns in th world.....near Jackson Hole, Wyoming!

"Gold Around The Moulton Barn" by Jerry Patterson, Culpeper, VA // Mormon Row's Moulton Barn's in fall's colors, Teton National Park, WY

This barn is located just outside of Lexington, IL. We produced a calendar of various photo's you will see in our history gallery.

This Old Barn - Bench4boof


(Hollyhocks, sunflower, old rail fence, wood-slat house. All things old and that I love.

home for friends

The Dream Barn - chicken coop below the hayloft. Keeps chickens warmer and safer from predators.

Wisconsin by Phil Koch

Wisconsin - Phil Koch created the series of Horizons in 2010 as photographic journey through the landscapes of Wisconsin.

Rustic barn

Red Barns and Milk Paint BUT. take a look at that gorgeous old white (ish) farm fence.