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Blue Shield of California released this infographic about Wellvolution, our employee wellness program, to show the different ways we try to improve employee wellbeing.

Blue Shield of California and our employees are committed to giving back to the California community. Learn more at:

Did you know that Blue Shield of California opened a store at Masonic and Fulton in San Francisco? Stop in to learn more about our wellness classes and the other ways we can help you reach your health goals. Visit for more details.

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How to Design an Employee Wellness Program

eHow website offering tips on deisigning an employee wellness program TA: Employees within a corporation. A: Implement the program in companies with a large number of employees. KB: The companies will save money in health care costs. S: List of other large companies that have benefited by adding the wellness programs. O: Article on the expense of healthcare costs, and how the companies can lower them when designing a program. I: Young adult working out/stretching in his business attire.

Boost your Productivity #Infographic A happy employee is a productive employee

Workplace wellness not only increases productivity and job satisfaction, it has major effects on employee’s health and wellbeing. Employees reduce t

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How Legal Is Your Employee Wellness Program?

How to limit muscle soreness when exercising. When you exercise your muscle fibers tear, the natural response to these tears is inflammation. Massage helps reduce the amount of cytokines the body produces; these play a role in inflammation.

This weekend, go local! Chose fresh. local ingredients for healthy family meals, support California Farmers to be #HealthyCA. #FarmtoTable #FarmersMarket #fresh #health #Ingredients #wellness #wellness #farm #California

Ever wonder where your money is going? We've compiled internal data from 2010 and 2011 to produce an estimate of where your Blue Shield of California health plan dollar goes.

Our heritage is quality and care. Blue Shield has been a part of members lives for 75 years. #tbt #vintage #health #healthcare

Blue Shield of California is a proud sponsor of the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Check out our team this past Saturday in San Francisco! To find out more or to donate, please visit #walk2endALZ #ShieldCACares

More employers appear to be adopting employee health and wellness programs as a way to promote employee health and rein in healthcare costs. Will implementing employee health and wellness programs help employers control healthcare costs without the negative side effects?

INFOGRAPHIC: STUDY ON EMPLOYEE WELL-BEING shows companies who adopt an effective well-being improvement solution could see substantial savings through the improved health, performance and retention of workers. Investing in workplace well-being is a win-win.

Interesting #infographic on what employees say are their greatest sources of #stress. #health

The Economics of Wellbeing #Infographic: Recent data confirms people’s health and sense of wellbeing is in decline throughout the world and that poor worker #wellbeing negatively affects individual performance and organizational productivity. More than ever before, worker wellbeing is good business. The return is high for forward-thinking organizations that invest in the physical, cognitive, and psychological wellbeing of their people. The result is highly engaged employees.


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4 key best practices for choosing the right employee wellness program for you company. Ebook.

Improve Health in the Office